Basic information about currency

If you are an iOS or Android user then you can enjoy the world’s best fighting game. The name of this particular game is shadow fight 3 and you are able to install its set-up in the device for free of cost. It includes only in-app purchases.

There are different types of in-app purchases available; some are based on in-game currency and some on real-money. You are able to buy the premium currency by spending real money and other gaming stuff with in-app currency. The gold coins and gems are the two currencies available in the game.

Everyone knows that collection of the currency is not an easy task. If we talk about gems then there is lack of source to earn it. The Shadow Fight 3 android and ios hack tool is the only way by which you can get premium currency and save the hard earned money.


As we know that, the internet is full of fighting games but all are not providing numerous features. This particular game is available with a different kind of unique features. The main and new feature is the personalization or customization.

With its help, you are able to change the appearance or look of the character. You can change it as you want and with it, you have also a choice regarding gender. You have options for both female and male fighters.

The only appearance of fighter is not an important factor, you should be focused on his/her weapons and equipment. If you are thinking that how to hack shadow fight then you need to choose currency generator. With its services, you are able to boom the game account freely.

In the customization, you can change the type of face, hair color & style, and numerous other things. Here the biggest relaxation given by the game that is you can do all changes in the appearance of character without spending any type of funds.

What makes the game better?

Most of the fighting based games are including same types of moves and fighting techniques. In case of shadow fight 3, you cannot say it because it includes highly-advanced fighting styles. You are able to create own moves for both defensive & attacking conditions.

The timing is one of the biggest factors that become the game changer. In case you are attacking the opponent with the help of a jump but the timing is not correct then may opponent defend against it with the brutal attack. Consequently, it becomes negative for you.

If your defensive side is strong then you may become a safety in this situation. Otherwise, you may lose lots of health. In case your defense is weaker then take help from shadow fight 3 triche and strengthen it.

Importance of gears

The gears are playing a most important role in the game. These items or things provide strength to your character and face the opponent’s attack easily. When your character wears the gears then it indicates that you are ready to fight and defend the group.

There are different types of gears available in the game and every gear is tagged with an amount of the currency. For unlocking that one you need to pay the in-game currency and shadow fight 3 hacks can provide you effortlessly.

You should choose the gear wisely because it increases the abilities and skills of the character. You need to select or unlock the gear or equipment after paying attention to its capacity and fighting style.

Gears are including several things and you are able to equip the weapons for increasing its strength. These things help you in the fight for defeating the opponent by putting fewer efforts.